Before opening for business in 2007 (we preceded the introduction of TDS by 6 months) we spent months talking to Agents and Landlords asking them to describe the ‘perfect inventory company’.

Unsurprisingly, it was one which produced a concise, accurate, comprehensive and easy to read report.

After a lot of work we arrived at a format and level of detail that ticked every box.   Since then – apart from input by the team who advised the Government on setting up TDS (who we employed to refine and align our report with the TDS requirements) – very little has changed.

In tandem with designing the report format we developed an exacting, detailed and intensive two week training programme for our Inventory Clerks.

Thousands of reports later working with a number of the same Agents and private Landlords since just after we started we believe it to be the gold standard training programme across the industry.

Our original objective was to be the ‘perfect inventory company’…. we are still working towards that goal.

At the outset we always knew we wanted to have offices outside London and develop a national presence.  That is why we established The Hub in central London.

Telephone calls or emails to any of the 6 offices are picked up by our team who man the phones six days a week from 9.00-6.00.

They make bookings, answer questions and manage diaries for the clerks and ensure that as well as producing first class reports our clients receive impeccable personal service.

Long client relationships in business isn’t the norm and we know from experience it is almost unheard of in the inventory market. However, Property Inventories is still working with clients that engaged us when we first opened for business.

How have we done it? We don’t spend too much time deliberating.  Instead we concentrate on delivering the same high standards time after time.

Landlords, tenants and agents place an enormous amount of responsibility in the hands of an inventory provider.

From the landlord’s perspective we are protecting an enormously valuable asset.

From the tenant’s perspective we are giving them peace of mind that the property will be accurately represented at Inventory, Check In and Check Out.

From the agent’s perspective we have been trusted to deliver a service which complements their promise to both the landlord and the tenant.

That is why we spend a minimum of 2 weeks training our clerks.  It’s a documented and comprehensive programme which covers everything from dealing with unhappy tenants to properly understanding fair wear and tear and apportioning liabilities.